I started practicing Ashtanga yoga in 2007 whilst living in Australia. As a way to deal with anxiety and insomnia. I instantly fell in love with yoga, finding the practice both challenging and relaxing. I loved that I could practice anywhere provided I had a mat. And since then I take my mat with me wherever I travel. 

I am a Level 2 Forrest Yoga teacher and has studied under guardians Jambo Truong, Sinhee Ye-McCabe, Sandra Robinson and Brian Campbell. I am a yoga nidra teacher. 

I am a certified massage therapist and Thai masseuse, and trained with Forrest Yoga Guardian Brian Campbell in myo-fascial anatomy and treatment. I am currently completing my 500-hour yoga anatomy training with Yoga Medicine teacher Tiffany Cruikshank. I have studying modules including, spine, hip, and shoulder anatomy and myofascial release. 

I believe yoga is for everybody no matter what their ability, age or physical ailment. Yoga has had a profound impact on me, helping me to transition through difficult times, manage my anxiety and has taught me how to love my body. I love that I get share my passion with students, and offer them tools to step into their power and live a life lights up their spirit.

My classes are strong, with a focus on learning how to soften into feeling. I enjoy working with injuries and I am particularly interested in the healing effects of deep breathing. I use yoga, bodywork, coaching and meditation to help my students gain a sense of ease in their bodies, and offer tools for self enquiry and reflection.